October 31, 2010

First Annual Ref Day Party!

The fare: vegetable-beef stew, pumpkin birthday cake for Desiderius Erasmus, gingerbread men (and women)...
...fresh-roasted chestnuts (many thanks to the men who peeled all of them!)...
...caramel apples...
...and two goonies, ready to celebrate! (I didn't eat them though, tempting as they were)
The kids played endless dress-up. Five kids under 5. What a party! They had about as much fun handing out candy (imagine a group of four preschoolers hoarding inside the doorway, trying to put candy into about as many trick-or-treaters multiple bags- because they show up in groups of no less than 5 or 6).
Mrs. Ney's game-face. She was sure her son was going to triumph over my son in "Pin the 95 Theses on the Church Door." Too bad for her, my son won by 3/16". Go Mcc.
Even the littlest Mary got in on the pinning action.
Me, sending off the winner!
The daddies read and tamed the children during the reading of Martin Luther: A Man Who Changed the World! They lasted until about Luther's stowage at Wartburg. Pretty impressive. We'll see how far we make it next year.
The night ended with a group candle-walking around the yard in the dark, while singing Ein Feste Burg (in English), led by those well-versed Presbyterians we call friends. After our friends departed, Mcclellan announced, "I liked that song!" Happy Reformation Day to you!

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mindy@thesuburbanlife.com said...

Dang! I want a Happy Reformation Day party. For real. Chestnuts? Caramel apples? Cake? That beats out my forty-hundred or solame fun-size Snickers for sure. ;)