May 17, 2013

(For future reference) Check point

Half the days, I wonder if we should be doing any school really at all. Mcclellan, 6 and Verity, 4 and Noam, 2. Bastion, 8 weeks. Half the days, school is really fun and we actually do learn a lot and I wonder if the not-so days are just stepping stones to get to these great, learning days. Half the days, I think "school time" is mostly for me. Yes that's three halves. Never doubt if I'm qualified to teach.

At the moment, we try to do phonics and math, in some form, every day. Mcclellan is finishing up First Start Reading from Memoria, while Verity is struggling with reading (really? She's 4) in the middle of the third of the four FSR books. Plans next include Explode the Code in 1 1/2 for V and level 3 for M. In the meantime, we read, read, read and visit the library weekly for more to read. And I need to get V back on Bob books.

"Social studies" and science include a fun Geography book that I'll happily do again when Noam gets there. Exploring Creation with Astronomy, as it was highly recommended by friends and is published by Apologia where we will eventually go for higher science. Nature walks and journaling. Which doubles as art!

Math. Saxon 1, lesson 67/130. I struggle with the rigmarole each lesson puts you through (seriously, we would spend ALL day on math) if we did calendar and meeting every day! So we do the core lesson and worksheets and that's about all we can take. To break it up, we do the fun, colorful K Horizons every other day. Also, we just started Life of Fred (Apples), which is "mathy" but more fun than anything. There is work at the end of each chapter so it counts, right?

Otherwise, we do some letter of the week stuff, for Noam and to get some unit study type stuff in there. We're also memorizing Scripture and hymns every week, reading devotions twice a day (breakfast and before bed), and just started quiet time with God, a.k.a. solo devotions (which are mostly for me, but I do spend a fair amount of time reading N and V's devos of choice).

Things I'd like to do more of? Art and crafting. They spend sooo much of their free time cutting and pasting, coloring and drawing and just doing paper crafts that I don't want to put too much more free art time in there. They do love paint though. I'd also like to be able to plan time for them to do their own specific share of chores. Laundry is ongoing and they sort, fold, and put away their own. Even N can get it to his room at least. And history. Not quite sure how to work that big chunk in yet. Thinking about Mystery of History and I think I've ruled out Story of the World, for now anyway. We're definitely finding ways to fill the time in our days. I did give the lecture, "We can't just play ALL day long!" And of course, when the weather is nice we just go outside. Thank you, Charlotte Mason!

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Unknown said...

You're doing a good job, mama! You make me tired reading about all the things you do! I'm glad I enjoyed you and Jo as little ones, but I'm so glad you grew up! Jesus bless you all!